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We are a full-service office furniture company with an environmentally-conscious work ethic.

We’re conveniently located in Orange County to serve all of Southern California markets.  Our service areas include Los Angeles, San Diego, the Inland Empire and beyond.

Our team of professionals stand ready to help you relocate, reconfigure or liquidate, your office furniture and office cubicles.

Our professional design staff has over 25 years’ experience in buying and selling new, used and refurbished office cubicles and furniture. As such, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with prompt furniture delivery, quality cubicles and the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

We specialize in used commercial quality office furniture by Herman Miller, Steelcase, Kimball, Allsteel, Haworth, Friant & much more.

Why Used Office Furniture Makes Sense:

It’s important for all of us to contribute to our communities by keeping materials out of our landfills. By doing this, our diversion rate would go up and we would recoup other tangible benefits. As a society, we would preserve open space, save money on purchased goods and guard our natural resources for our children and grandchildren.

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Sustainable New Office Furniture:

At Total Office Designs, Inc., we’ve partnered with vendors that recognize the impact our products have on the environment and who are also committed to sustainability as a guiding principle in their business.

The vendors we choose use high quality, renewable and recycled materials in the products they provide us whenever possible. Therefore, our products are designed and manufactured for long-term use. This decreases the need for short-term disposal or multiple replacements during a normal life cycle.

Our vendor’s collections are designed for strength, durability, and modularity. These guiding principles are critical to long product life cycles and reducing landfill waste.

Step by step, it all adds up to a green today and an even greener tomorrow.

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